Principle Investigator

Andrej Singer –

Assistant Professor, David Croll Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow

Andrej Singer received his Ph.D. degree (2012) in Physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany in the lab of Prof. Edgar Weckert and Prof. Ivan Vartanyants, following a Physics diploma from the University of Muenster, Germany. He studied the properties of new x-ray sources, particularly their ability to generate interference patterns, similar to lasers in optics. He then worked as a Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Oleg Shpyrko at the University of California San Diego and applied coherent x-ray scattering techniques to study a wider range of materials, spanning from fundamental correlated electron materials and applied “real” materials in operando devices to photonic crystals, in particular those present in nature.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Oleg Gorobtsov 

Oleg received an MS in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and then a PhD in Physics from DESY and Hamburg University. He is working on free electron laser science, coherent imaging of battery materials and mesocrystals.

PhD Graduate Students

Ryan Bouck

Ryan got a B.S. in 2016 in Mechanical Engineering from Union College. His research focuses on in operando Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging on sodium ion batteries.

Daniel Weinstock

Dan received his B.S. in 2017 from Lehigh University in Materials Science and Engineering, with a minor in Polymer Science and Engineering. His current research in on single-nanoparticle spectroscopy in sodium ion batteries in operando.

Ziming Shao
Aileen Luo
Jason Huang

Masters Students

Wenxuan Qiu

From Shanghai, Wenxuan (also known as Vincent) earned his BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Fudan University. Wenxuan works on superlattice interface roughness simulation, reciprocal space mapping, and Laue microdiffraction of energy materials.

Yifei Sun


Stephanie Matson

Stephanie is an undergraduate studying materials science and engineering and is the current treasurer for Cornell’s Materials Society. She joined the Singer Lab in 2019 and her senior thesis work is on sodium-ion batteries charged in operando.


Jiaruo Li

Jiaruo is a junior undergraduate students majoring in physics and math. She studies the emergence of order through symmetry breaking, in particular, the recovery of charge density wave in Cr in ultrafast pump-probe experiments.

Former Members

Ziyi Wang

Now a PhD student at Caltech

Raghav Kumar
Patrick Ding
Malia Okamura